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Genomic Library Construction Services

DTI offers high-quality customized genomic libraries for the specific needs of fellow researchers. Our staff has over ten years of experience in constructing genomic libraries from variety of cells and tissues such as:

Human, Mouse, Rat, Monkey, Pig, Plant, Algae, Bacteria, Fungi, Yeast, Fruit Fly, Protozoa, Fish, etc.

DTI offers the following vectors for genomic library construction purposes:

  • Shotgun Genomic Library in Plasmid Vectors
  • Genomic Library in Lambda Vectors
  • Genomic Library in Cosmid Vectors
  • Genomic Library in Bac Vectors
  • Choice of vector for library construction (plasmid, cosmid or lambda phage vectors)
  • Low vector background and high percentage of recombinants (over 90% recombinant)
  • Large number of primary clones (2-3 x 107)
  • Test for T1 phage contamination
  • Rigorous QC steps to test RNA or host DNA contaminations
  • Size-fractionated large insert genomic library:
    • Average insert sizes: 1-2 kb or 2-4 kb – plasmid library
    • Average insert sizes: 15 kb – lambda library
    • Average insert size: 30 kb – cosmid library
Ordering Information
Item Catalog Number Price
Custom Genomic DNA Library (Plasmid) 7113 $ Please Inquire
Custom Lambda Library7114 $ Please Inquire
Custom Cosmid Library7115 $ Please Inquire
Custom Bac Library7115-1 $ Please Inquire
For your customized needs please contact our technical services department via telephone or email us at info@dnati.com.
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