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Gene Cloning & Expression Services

DNA Technologies offers customized gene cloning services for expression in a variety of vector systems.

Choice of Prokaryotic, Eukaryotic and Baculovirus Expression Vectors

The advantages of DTI’s gene cloning and expression services are:

  • Competitive strategies and price to fit your budget
  • Compatibility – prokaryotic, eukaryotic or baculovirus expression systems
  • Experienced technical staff with more than 10 years of experience
  • High throughput and fast turnaround time

Service Overview

1. DNA Cloning

  • Isolating the gene of interest from a supplied vector and sub cloning it into a plasmid or baculovirus transfer vector
  • Verification of recombinant plasmid or baculovirus transfer vector by restriction mapping and DNA sequencing

2. Gene Expression

  • Preparation and purification of recombinant vector suitable for transfection purposes
  • Transfection of cDNA into mammalian/insect/bacterial cell
  • Selection of over expression cells under optimized conditions
  • Western blot analysis to test the expression

3. Scale up and Optimization

  • Large scale growth of over-expression cells
  • Preparation and purification of recombinant proteins and QC by Western Blot

Benefits of Expression in Mammalian and Insect Cells

  • Eukaryotic post-translational modification
  • Proper protein folding and function
  • High expression levels
  • Easy scale up and protein purification
Ordering Information
Item Catalog Number Price
Custom Gene Cloning Services 7124 $ Please Inquire
Custom Gene Expression Services 7125 $ Please Inquire
Custom Protein Purification Services 7126 $ Please Inquire
For your customized needs please contact our technical services department via telephone or email us at
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