Featured Products - Super Ampicillin, MycoSweep, Tissue Lysates and Blots, Mini Gel Electrophoresis SystemCustom Transfection Grade Plasmid DNA, Cloning and Protein Purification Services
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About DNA Technologies Inc.

DNA Technologies, Inc. (DTI) is providing quality products and services to our fellow researchers from pharmaceutical, biotechnology and biomedical research institutions.

DTI’s Aim is to support life sciences and pharmaceutical companies/ academic institutions that carry out fundamental or applied Genomics and Proteomics research.

DTI’s Mission is to develop innovative products and services that expedite and enhance scientific research and collaboration in genomics and proteomics. DTI is committed to provide outstanding products and services through unparalleled excellence and responsible partnership.


  • Cloning, Expression and Protein Purification
  • Plasmid Manufacturing Services – Transfection and Gene Therapy Grades - Low Endotoxin


  • SuperAmpicillin™ - Antibiotic that eliminates satellite colonies
  • MycoSweep - Mycoplasma Elimination Antibiotic
  • Competent and Electro competent Cells
  • PCR and Cloning Kits
  • Stem Cell Test Kits
  • Human and Mouse Tissue Lysates and Blots – Normal and Tumor Tissues

We thank our patronages for continued support and look forward to serving your needs.

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